Multi-Tenant Application Form

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New Building Construction

Proposed White Paper Format

Each company requesting space in Insight Park shall submit a white paper drafted by the company. The document shall contain no confidential information, and shall incorporate the following five sections.

1. Introduction
This section shall be a paragraph that highlights the company, its industry, and the areas within The University of Mississippi that will have shared interests. 

2. Company Background
This shall be a more detailed look at the company’s origins, growth history, current size and products/services.  It shall include plans for future growth with a timeline.  Also covered in this section should be size (number of employees and, if appropriate, sales), target markets, competitors and organization structure. If the company is a branch or affiliate, information on the parent shall be provided.  This section shall be no more than 2 pages and the company can attach printed publicity, newspaper articles, web page links, annual reports, or other supplemental materials if desired.

3. Proposed Collaborative Efforts
In this section of the white paper, the company shall spell out as clearly as possible its proposed collaborative activities. The text shall describe the work, the numbers and types of university stakeholders that will be involved, the key university contacts, and the deliverables. For example:
“XYZ Company will conduct research into impact of flexible structures in collaboration with Professor Jones in the School of Engineering leading to publication in scholarly journals.”
“ABC Company will create at least 3 internships that will be offered to university integrated marketing students. The students will design and create an internet-based advertising campaign to be deployed the following year.”
“123 Company will provide teaching samples from its research to the School of Pharmacy for use in the lab or classroom.”
It is important to associate times with the activities so that they can be evaluated. Language such as “in the first year” or “by December 20xx” is appropriate. Companies are encouraged to identify multiple activities involving both faculty and students in multiple disciplines.

4. Potential Conflicts and Concerns
This section shall identify any member of the university research community that might have a conflict of interest with the proposed activity. The nature of the conflict must be identified.  If possible, statements of support from these stakeholders should be included here.